Spit Emote Removed on Burning Crusade Classic PTR posted 4 days ago by Rokman

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On the Patch 2.5.2 Burning Crusade Classic PTR, the Spit Emote has been removed. Players can still "/spit" on the ground, but if used while targeting another player, the emote does nothing.

This change came quietly, without any accompanying Blue Post or reasoning as to why this was implemented.cheap wow classic tbc gold

Many players are speculating that this might stem from players being cyber bullied for purchasing the Burning Crusade Deluxe Edition and riding around on the  Reawakened Phase-Hunter. 

While this might help curb some cyber bullying, players can still technically type "/me spits on %N." and it has the exact same effect, other than cross-faction spitting.

On Classic realms, Field Marshal Afrasiabi has not been removed from Stormwind quite yet, and players have been using the "/spit" emote on the NPC in Stormwind in protest. Could the removal of this emote be a temporary measure until the NPC is removed from Stormwind?WOW Classic TBC Gold US