Diablo Immortal Platinum - SouthEast ASIA-Zann Esu

Read before buy:

Platinum is traded through the Market, you need to prepare Sellable Gems for auction trading.

We will bear the value of the gem, which is 50% of it's max auction price.

e.g. if your gems can be sold at the max total price of 100K, you just need to place an order for 50K.

And if you don't have any gems at the moment, place an order for the amount of platinum you want first, auction the gems later.


The minimum order quantity is 20,000 platinum, and the auction of multiple gems are supported.

We don't cover the 15% market fee.

Buy over 25 U.S. Dollar, Enjoy Extra 2% Off

Buy over 50 U.S. Dollar, Enjoy Extra 5% Off

Buy over 100 U.S. Dollar, Enjoy Extra 8% Off

Buy over 200 U.S. Dollar, Enjoy Extra 12% Off

Buy over 300 U.S. Dollar, Enjoy Extra 15% Off

$USD (% OFF)