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World of Warcraft Cooking Show Debuts In South Korea

From : susanexpress.com   Date : 2017/1/21 9:34:01

World of Warcraft fans will now have another way to show their appreciation of their favorite game: a South Korean TV network will start airing a cooking show based on it. 

The title will be Wow! Recipe? The Meal Is Ready, and will be presented by famous Korean TV chef Choi Hyun-seok, who besides being a household name in the Far Eastern country is also an avid World of Warcraft fan.

According to Kotaku, the show will be about cooking recipes associated with World of Warcraft and a quick look at the trailer reveals that many of the dishes Choi and his guests are working on have distinctly fantastical look to them. 

Some of the food looks like something fit for Orcs, with odd textures and strange colors. At one point we can also see a bunch of bananas being treated with a blowtorch, so even adventuresome cooks who don't like World of Warcraft should be able to enjoy the show and maybe even get a few new ideas for their next dinner party.