WOW EU Gold - Chamber of Aspects

Product Price Action
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-150000 G Gold $USD 9.59
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-200000 G Gold $USD 12.78
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-300000 G Gold $USD 19.17
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-400000 G Gold $USD 25.56
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-500000 G Gold $USD 31.95
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-600000 G Gold $USD 38.34
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-700000 G Gold $USD 44.28 ($USD 44.73)
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-800000 G Gold $USD 50.61 ($USD 51.12)
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-900000 G Gold $USD 56.93 ($USD 57.51)
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-1000000 G Gold $USD 62.62 ($USD 63.90)
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-1500000 G Gold $USD 93.93 ($USD 95.85)
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-2000000 G Gold $USD 125.24 ($USD 127.80)
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-2500000 G Gold $USD 156.56 ($USD 159.75)
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-3000000 G Gold $USD 185.95 ($USD 191.70)
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-3500000 G Gold $USD 216.94 ($USD 223.65)
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-4000000 G Gold $USD 247.93 ($USD 255.60)
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-4500000 G Gold $USD 278.92 ($USD 287.55)
Chamber of Aspects-Alliance-5000000 G Gold $USD 309.92 ($USD 319.50)